What joys are ours in the Gospel,
No soul can comprehend
What heights of love are to us given,
No mind can e’er ascend
What praises from our hearts should shine,
That Thou hast made us ever Thine.
What wonder to the Angels,
The Father choosing us
Forming a plan to raise us
To Glory from the dust.
Loving Father, for Thee we pine
Thou hast made us ever Thine.
What joyous acclamation,
The Bosom Son came down
Redeemed us to adoption,
His missing sheep He’s found.
What glories in our face should shine,
Thou hast bought us, we are Thine.
What happiness must fill us
The Spirit sent to earth,
In us He’ll raise the Abba cry
To us He gives rebirth
What glorious peace in this we find
Thou hast made us ever Thine.
What all-consuming wonder,
The Godhead looks on men
He takes the chiefest sinners,
And brings them home to Him
What praises from the church should shine
Grace to us says “thou art Mine”
Oh holy ones in glory,
Oh saints still here below
Let nothing quell thy singing
The gospel ever show
Glorious, holy Trinity
Let us ever worship Thee